Team Member Guide

  Team Member Guide 5 The Capstone Courier

5.3.1 Accessibility, Market Share and Top Products In Segment

The Accessibility Chart rates each company’s level of accessibility. Accessibility is determined by the Marketing Department’s sales budget– the higher the budget, the higher the accessibility. Accessibility is measured by percentage. 100% means every customer can easily interact with your company– sales, customer support, etc.

The Market Share Actual vs. Potential Chart displays two bars per company. The actual bar reports the market percentage each company attained in the segment. The potential bar indicates what the company deserved to sell in the segment. If the potential bar is higher than the actual, the company under produced and missed sales opportunities. If the potential is lower than the actual, the company picked up sales because other companies under produced and stocked out.

Top Products in Segment lists the products selling in the segment and reports:

  • Market Share
  • Units Sold to Segment
  • Revision Date
  • Stock Out (Whether the product ran out of inventory.)
  • Performance and Size coordinates
  • Price
  • MTBF
  • The product’s Age on December 31
  • Promotion and sales budgets
  • Awareness, accessibility and customer survey score