Team Member Guide

  Team Member Guide 6 Proformas & Annual Reports

Proformas and annual reports include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Income Statement

What's the difference between proformas and annual reports? Proformas are projections of results for the upcoming year, annual reports are the results from the previous year. The proformas allow you to assess the projected financial outcomes of the company decisions entered in the Capstone Spreadsheet.

To access proformas, click the Proformas menu in the Capstone Spreadsheet; to access the annual reports, click the Reports menu in Capstone Spreadsheet or, on the website, login to your simulation then click the Reports link.

The proforma reports are only as accurate as the marketing sales forecasts. If you enter a forecast that is unrealistically high, the proformas will take that forecast and project unrealistic revenue. See 8 Forecasting for more information.