7 Comp-XM


The Comp-XM Competency Exam is built around a simulation similar to Capstone and Foundation.

In Comp-XM, participants work alone - they are no longer on a team.

The Comp-XM industry has four market segments. Each individual participant is the sole decision maker for the Andrews company. Andrews competes against three computer companies, Baldwin, Chester and Digby. The Comp-XM simulation runs four rounds.

Simulation performance is judged using a Balanced Scorecard. Each round, a score is generated based on performance measures in these categories:

  • Financial
  • Internal Business Process
  • Customer
  • Learning and Growth

At the end of Round 4, a fifth score is generated using a different set of measures that evaluate the cumulative performance for Rounds 1-4.

Participants also answer five sets of multiple choice questions, called Board Queries. The questions are common for each participant, and therefore exam performance can be compared class-wide, school-wide or even across all Comp-XM users. However, the answers are based on each individual simulation. This makes the questions comparable but the answers unique. Instructors can assign Comp-XM as they set up Capstone or Foundation simulations, or later after the simulations are underway.

It is not possible to assign Comp-XM without a simulation. Capstone and Foundation can be considered preparation for Comp-XM.

Industries can be assigned after the exam is created.