4 Participant Environment


4.1 Registration

Instructors can review the participant registration process by following the registration links and stopping at the payment screen. An animated registration demonstration is available from the Capsim homepage (www.capsim.com).

Participants will appear in the Industry Roster after they register and enter payment information.

Participants first read then agree to a brief terms of use.

If participants know their Industry ID, they can enter that number to proceed directly to that Industry.

The Industry ID is not a registration number!

If they do not know the Industry ID, they have an opportunity to locate the school. Once there, they can find the correct industry by:

  • Course name
  • Section number
  • Campus location
  • Professor's initials

Participants then enter their personal information.

Next, they create a user ID and password - which they will use for all future logins at www.capsim.com.

If participants bought a packet at a bookstore, or if the school has given them registration numbers, participants will use the I Have a Registration Number button. Registration numbers are at least ten digits in length.

Most participants pay online using a credit card.

Participants can stop at this page and pay later by returning to www.capsim.com and entering their user ID and password.