Team Member Guide

  Capstone Spreadsheet Saving Decisions

As you work through your company’s decisions you can save them either as Official Decisions or as a Draft. The simulation will use your Official Decisions when the round results are calculated. You can update Official Decisions as often as needed prior to the round deadline.

Draft decisions allow you to perform “what ifs” in a personal workspace separate from your company’s Official Decisions. Draft decisions are not recorded in the Audit Trail.

Periodically and when you have completed your decisions and/or want to share your decisions with your teammates, be sure to use File > Update Official Decisions. All Official Decisions are recorded in the Audit Trail.

Official Decisions can be saved by Product, Functional Area, or All Products and Areas. What decisions you send depends on how your company is organized.

Draft decisions can also help with the following scenario. Suppose two participants are working on their team’s decisions at the same time in different locations. Participant One updates Official Decisions. A few minutes later, Participant Two wants to update Official Decisions.

Participant Two will be warned that somebody (Participant One) has changed decisions since Participant Two began working.

Participant Two can save Draft decisions then view the new Official Decisions by selecting Undo > Undo to Official Decisions. To return to the Draft decisions, Participant Two would reopen the spreadsheet and select Continue Draft Decisions, then merge them into Official Decisions by selecting File > Update Official Decisions.