Team Member Guide

Use the Marketing area to enter a Price, Promotional Budget, Sales Budget, and Sales Forecast for each product. Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P) finance decisions are also entered in the Marketing area.

Although the marketing area provides a Computer Prediction, this is a rough estimate so you must determine the true forecast and enter it in the Your Sales Forecast cell (see the Forecasting section). Also, you must ensure that product prices are within the range found in the Market Segment Analyses of The CapstoneĀ® Courier.

Remember, price ranges drop $0.50 per year, so the ranges for the upcoming year will be $0.50 less than those published in the Courier. When decisions are entered, the Marketing area computes Gross Revenues, Cost of Goods, and Contribution Margin.

Marketing decisions for a new product cannot be made until the product is available for sale.