R & D What happens if we move a product to another segment?

Customers will buy any product that meets their criteria, and there are advantages to having two products in a segment. Let's suppose that it is round one and you are considering moving your original High End product "Bid" to the Traditional segment. Timing is important, because Traditional customers want different specifications than High End customers. If you try to "straddle" the two segments, you end up giving neither of them what they want.

Traditional customers want an Age of two years, When the project concludes, Traditional customers will want prices between $19 and $29, Positioning in the center of the segment, and MTBF of at least 14000 hours. High End will want cutting edge Positioning, Age of zero, MTBF of at least 20000 hours, and a price of $29 to $39. Straddling places your product in the middle with Price $29, Age 1.0, MTBF 20000 hours, and positioning where the two segments overlap.