Production Why won't the spreadsheet let me produce to my new product's full capacity?


In the year an invention project completes, you will not be able to produce before the Revision Date. For example, if your project completes on July 1, you will be able to produce your product for the last six months of the year, not before.

The spreadsheet will limit production to the amount that can be produced on first and second shift based upon the Revision Date.

If you have 600,000 units of First Shift Capacity (600 on the Production screen) over the course of a full year you can produce 1,200,000 units running first and second shifts. Stating it different, you can produce 100,000 units per month.

If a new product has a Revision Date of July 1and a First Shift Capacity of  600,000 units, you will only be able to produce 600,000 units using first and second shifts though the second 6 months of the year (from July 1 through December 31).