Production How do we buy and sell capacity?


To buy capacity, on the Production worksheet, enter a number in the line labeled "Buy/Sell Capacity." For example, if you want to buy 300,000 units of capacity enter 300.

Tip: The Production area reports the purchase price at the bottom of the column.

To sell capacity, enter a negative number in the "Buy/Sell Capacity" line. For example, if you want to sell 300,000 units of capacity enter -300.

Tip: The Production spreadsheet reports the selling price of 65% of the original value. It does not, however, compute write-offs for you. If you sell very old capacity, you will make a capital gain on the sale of equipment. If you sell new capacity, you will take a loss on transaction. These will be reported on your Annual Report, but they are beyond the capabilities of your Proformas.