Production What should I put in Buy/Sell Capacity on the Production screen?


If you look at Page 4 of The Capstone® Courier, you will see the number of units each product has sold in the previous year (in thousands). These numbers will help you determine how much capacity is appropriate for your product.

Here is an example: Keeping in mind that you can build up to twice your rated capacity with a Second Shift (or Overtime, if the HR Module is on) you could, if you wanted, build as many as 3,600 (in thousands) units of your Traditional product with 1,800 units of First Shift capacity- but why would you? It is unlikely that you sold more than 1,700 units last year. Clearly there is no need to buy more capacity.

Also, worth considering, as you think about increasing automation, will it be cheaper to sell extra capacity then automate the remainder?